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Alice Jones Impact Consulting has a social heart for improving the wellbeing of people, communities and our environment, through independent, value-driven social value support and impact measurement that makes a lasting impact.



Social value is about making a positive difference, creating an overall improvement to the wellbeing of individuals, communities, wider society and the environment. It’s about changing the way we make decisions, based on a broader understanding of value that goes beyond pounds and profit, and considers wider long-term impacts. For many organisations, their purpose is to improve people’s lives, and social value is at the heart of what they do. For others, social value is a relatively new focus for their business, as a result of the growing emphasis on social value in procurement since the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and renewed focus following the Government’s PPN 06/20 and Social Value Model. As a result, more and more organisations need to think about social value – how to plan, deliver and measure their impact. This can be daunting, in a relatively new, but expanding field where there are many different approaches, methods and tools available. That’s where Alice Jones Impact Consulting comes in – we are here to help guide you on your social value journey and share our expertise with you, to support you and your organisation to more effectively plan, deliver and measure your social value. With over 10 years’ experience in this area, backed up by Doctoral research, we have the knowledge and skills to support you in this.

Alice Jones Impact Consulting offers support to organisations, big or small, at all stages in their social value journey, helping them to more effectively plan, deliver, and measure social value. Our core values are to have a value-driven purpose; and to provide value-driven practice; independent expertise; and person, not product. Value driven purpose: ‘Social value’ is not just what we do, it’s our purpose – to make a positive impact for society through the services and support we offer. We aim to work with people and clients with this shared value, who have a genuine commitment to making a difference. Value driven practice: In our practice to measure and account for social value, we are guided by the Social Value International Principles – a set of principles that provide the building blocks for thinking in terms of a wider definition of value, and consistent and credible methods for accounting for that value. Independent expertise: Our services provide an independent perspective and credibility that is valued by our clients and their stakeholders, with social value expertise assured at the highest level – Alice Jones is one of only 17 accredited Level 3 Advanced Practitioners with Social Value UK. Person, not product: Our offer is personal social value support that you can call on any time, with the aim of sharing and building your expertise to take you forwards on your social value journey; not an off-the-shelf product or system, but working with you to develop ownership and understanding of your own social value solutions.



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Dr Alice Jones is the founder and lead consultant at Alice Jones Impact Consulting, set up in 2012 to provide independent, expert support to organisations wanting to improve and measure their social value and impact. “My own social value journey started in 2010, when as a professional researcher I undertook at two-year impact study with Nottingham Business School to measure the wider social, economic and environmental impact of a large scale social housing regeneration programme in Nottingham. Through this, I gained my Accredited Practitioner status with Social Value International, and in the same year that the Social Value Act became law, launched my business to provide specialist support in this exciting emerging field. I have continued to develop my knowledge and skills in this area at the highest level, completing a Doctorate of Business Administration in 2014, with my research focused on deeper understanding of social impact best practice. I have maintained my accredited Advanced Practitioner status year on year, one of only 17 in the UK qualified at this highest level. Over the last 12 years, I have provided support for organisations from large councils and other public bodies, to smaller housing associations and charities, to other SME businesses. I work in close partnership with each organisation to tailor my knowledge and experience of the latest evaluation and social impact methods and approaches, to their specific needs, capacity and budget. My expertise includes areas such as such as social housing, health and wellbeing, community engagement, skills and employment, community and social wellbeing, fuel poverty, energy and environmental sustainability. I believe that effective impact evaluation needs to evidence both the scale of change, and the story of that change – and so I combine both quantitative data analysis and insight, and qualitative stakeholder engagement and person-focused case studies. I strongly believe that each organisation I work with should come away from the experience with a deeper understanding of their impact, and enhanced capacity and ownership of social value best practices within their own organisation.”

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